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Developing Trust & Respect in the Workplace PDF Print E-mail

"Where there is lack of respect, where the working environment is bad" - B.T.G

"Wherever in the world, without the trust and respect of each other, the worst things like war, hostility will come out." - B.T.G



Now you and I, we will explore the power of trust and respect for the workplace

Imagine a world where ...

People around you treat you with respect as a friend ...

You do not have to deal with marketers, bully and lie ...

Colleagues focus on fixing problems when faced, do not seek to blame others ...

You really like going there to work every day - and you get more value from it!


It sounds like something "too ideal," is not it?

It is the result of a workplace relationship built on the basis of trust and respect. And there is absolutely no better way to learn how to "develop trust and respect at work" than a great 1 hour 30 minute workshop designed and guided by CML Training Group. perform!

You will learn how to establish your personal prestige ... understand how different platforms can affect your perception ... and get the tools to set boundaries and create expectations. About behaviors from people around you.

Your colleague does not necessarily have to be close friends - but it is important that you build a respectful and trusting relationship. As a result you will not only enjoy working, but you will also be able to get even more exciting work from home.

This seminar is very important for managers and leaders! You will enjoy:

The workshop contributed positively and effectively to the building of corporate culture ...

It helps to improve communication and departmental collaboration, even in places that previously did not cooperate with each other ...

Help employees get excited and actively take responsibility in the work ...

Direct impact on the work attitude factor helps to reduce waste and increase sales and profits.

What you learn in this powerful workshop will have a powerful impact on the future - your future career!

Sign up for the "Developing Trust and Respect at Work" Workshop today.

It would be great if you could sign up for your whole company to attend.


1) Understand the role of respect and trust

Strength of trust and respect at the individual and organizational levels

Your role and responsibility in creating an environment of mutual respect

How can a bad relationship harm the business?

Identify the underlying causes of negativity, distrust and lack of respect

The principle of maintaining positive relationships even in a time of inconsistency.


2) Build - or Rebuild - Your personal credibility

Understand 4 perspectives of personal credit

How can your attitude affect the interactions between you and others?

Create your own moral standards

Understand the relationship between image, behavior and perception

Misconceptions of other people from your behavior.


3) Communication: Foundation of Respect and Trust

7 tips to listen effectively and positively and how to hear someone create respect

In addition to listening - understand the power of praise, acknowledgment

Body language can cause disrespect and distrust

Are you too blunt? Tools to increase subtilisation and sophistication

Positive behavior you can use to immediately gain the respect and trust of others


4) Respect and difference

Respect will be understood differently with different people

Type personality - understand how personality affects behavior and cognition

Different generations have different perceptions of respect

The power of learning, of social recognition and of cultural identities


5) Prestige, respect and teamwork

Understand how negative behavior is reinforced in a team environment

Behavioral Modeling: You are not the person in charge that has a tremendous influence on your colleague

Bridging technology to fix high-difficulty constraints

Powerful strategies help maintain proper rapport

The role of teambuilding exercises helps build trust ... and things are easy to do everywhere, anytime.


6) Set limits and expectations

5 ways to become a guardian of mutual respect in the business

Capture your character and self-esteem - even deal with those who have rebelled against you before.

Tools to help you get stuck in a group of bad rumors, bullies and lies

Solution to escape the situation in a delicate way

Change the way you react to negative situations - even if your mind does not want to do it


7) Respect for control in any situation

Strategies to keep you in control of your response

What to do when you are challenged or dealt with badly in front of others

Importance of scripting in handling a specific behavior pattern

Understand the long-term consequences of letting things slide

How do you balance your emotions after the conflict?




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