Learning about growing your business is one thing. Being handed the exact proprietary system for generating highly qualified leads and turning them into sales within 72 hours consistently and reliably (this system is responsible for close to $100M in collective sales revenue) while having all the support, templates, scripts and resources to implement them immediately into your business, is another…

I’m literally giving you the system, leaving no stone unturned so you too can use it in your business and have everything you need to generate more leads and more customers/clients on-demand with a proven system.


Why just learn when you can implement and deploy?

Work ON your business instead of IN it.

If you want a proven system for generating new leads / clients / customers for your business, designed and used daily by the guy who is responsible for having the highest ROIing campaigns in the industry, The Limitless Leads Workshop & Advisory Program might be exactly what you are looking for.

This process has been responsible for generating millions of leads and tens of millions of dollars in new revenue for various businesses across multiple industries:

Not only will you learn the step-by-step process, so you can use it over and over again (nobody really wants to JUST learn something) but you will be given all the assets (the landing page templates, ad templates, scripts, resources, etc) to remove all the guess work (and all the leg work) and my team will be sure you have what’s needed to customize them all specifically for your business.

This is not your ‘run of the mill’ program.
This is you being handed the keys to the kingdom.


Designed for World
Class Businesses

+ Who need a proven process for generating a consistent and reliable stream of leads on demand, and are able to convert those leads into clients and customers very quickly.

+ Who are looking to SCALE their revenue using a proven process.


Professional service businesses (doctors, lawyers, financial service, digital agencies, etc), consultants, thought-leaders/coaches, & information marketing businesses.

Un-training and a unique

You will experience a no-fluff or filler implementation experience custom-designed by Nicholas. The point is you first learn the content then work with the advisors to implement it.

You will be taken through his specific 3C CAP (Customer Acquisition Process), step-by-step and then be given the assets for you to literally “plug and play”.

By the end of the event you will have your 3C CAP Assets completed:

Your 4% Ideal Prospect Identified and Targeting Using the Targeting Trifecta

Lead Magnet(s) created to generate leads and pre-frame them to buy

Ad(s) written using Nic’s 10 phase Anatomy of a Perfect Ad Crafting Formula

Optin Pages created and optimized for high % lead capture

GFO Offer created and page deployed with all 5 Invisible Influence elements uploaded

Boomerang Retargeting Sequences for both Ads and Emails Written and Uploaded

Most of the heavy lifting is already done for you, as the template and scripts will be given to you on a silver platter so you can simply customize the elements and have the process deployed in your business before you leave the room.

The Limitless Leads Difference

Many online and FB “experts” CAN’T blow past a certain glass ceiling and can’t ‘crack the code’ of multi thousand percent ROI’s for one very simple reason: they are focusing on the tip of the iceberg – the tactical and technical elements of lead generation (what type of ad to run, how to properly bid for a desired result, targeting strategies, etc.). Not to say that these aren’t important, but it can only get you so far.

The true power is what’s happening beneath the surface. Not just the tactical elements, but the deep underlying strategy of social influence and specifically what I call Contextual Congruence.

Facebook Advertising without my Contextual CongruenceTM strategy — is a waste of time that leads to frustration, and is the reason most other people are only getting 3:1 return on

Here is what is included in this 12 Week Workshop & Advisory Program.

10 Core Modules (Value $9800)

This is the “golden key” where you’ll discover the entire 3C CAP Process and be able to follow step-by-step in order to implement it directly into your business!

1 Seat at a 2-Day LIVE Mastermind (Value $9800)

This is the “golden key” where you’ll discover the entire 3C CAP Process and be able to follow step-by-step in order to implement it directly into your business!

Weekly Advisor Calls For 12 Weeks (Value $4000)

Twice weekly you’ll have direct access to Nic himself and the Program Advisor so you can get your specific questions answered, and everything implemented right away.

Access to The Council Community (FB Group) for 12 weeks (Value $1000)

This is the “golden key” where you’ll discover the entire 3C CAP Process and be able to follow step-by-step in order to implement it directly into your business!


A gold IPAD preloaded with all of Nic’s main training programs delivered to your home or office.

Programs that come pre-loaded on the iPad include:

+ The Chanel Effect – How to position yourself as a leader in your industry

+ Rapid Scaling Matrix – How to scale winning campaigns without losing your ROI

+ The Campaign Launch Formula – How to launch your ad campaign to massive success

+ The Campaign Maximizer Method – How to squeeze out the maximum ROI from your campaigns

+ ​The Content Machine – How to create 27+ pieces of content and get it EVERYWHERE on the Internet AUTOMATICALLY with only 8-12 mins a week

+ ​The Anatomy of the Perfect Ad – How to craft winning ads that convert


You’ll also get four USB cards loaded with 24 Guest Expert Interview sharing never before revealed content including guests like Roland Fraiser, Todd Herman, Joey Coleman, Phil Jones, Ryan Levesque, Frank Kern, Jim Kwik, Mike Michalowicz, Brian Kurtz and more…

and over 80 short videos from Nic, covering everything from how to select ad images, improve sales conversions on your calls and everything in between. ($3000 Value)

Do I Qualify?

Here are the basic requirements if you’d like to be considered…

What People Are Saying About Their Experience with the Content.

You Might Be Wondering (FAQ)

Do I need any previous Facebook Advertising Experience?

Facebook advertising experience is not required to get the most of this experience. If you have it, great, I’ll take you to a whole other level. If you don’t, not to worry, we’ll make sure you have what you need.

Who is this best for? (Can this help my business)

This experience is designed for ANY business that is looking to generate leads on demand online. This includes information businesses, service providers, consultants, authors and even ecommerce businesses.

When are the LIVE weekly advisory calls?

All the training modules are available in the online portal so you can go through them at your own pace.
LIVE Advisory Calls are currently Monday’s at 1:00pm EST and Thursday’s at 7pm EST

What do I need to have ready to make the most of the program?

Nothing specific. Just be open to trying something new, following the program, and committing to getting the work done.

What happens after the 12 weeks?

You have a ‘machine’ that generates leads and sales for you consistently and reliably. Congratulations!

You will have access to the content but lose access to the calls and Council Group.

There are options for additional support after the program is complete should you need it.